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How the Dr. Works

Your Initial Consult

In your Initial consultation call, we can determine if the THE OUTBOARD DOCTOR can help you.

If we determine you need only one phone call, the fee is $25.

3 Call Session

If your repair is a more extensive: For $60, you receive three phone sessions.

More Info
  1. You relay to the Dr. what symptoms, problem, or maintenance is desired. Ben will then instruct what tests to perform.
  2. You will then report back results to Ben who can then recommend step-by-step procedure to install parts or make adjustments. You can order parts and, in some cases, rent tools from The Outboard Dr.
  3. Ben then gives you any final adjustments necessary to complete the job.

You can make this a one-stop-shop by ordering parts from us. We sell Mercury as well as Johnson/Evinrude parts and some aftermarket parts

  1. Horsepower
  2. Year
  3. Model Number (Johnson/Evinrude)
  4. Serial Number (Mercury/Mariner/Force/Chrysler) of the motor.
  5. Valid credit card
  6. Valid email address

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